Tuesdays With Dorie: Leaf Shaped Fougasse

I've been on a bit of a fruit craze. I mean, it's summer after all! The cherries are juicy, the watermelon cold and crunchy, and the peaches - oh, the peaches - are sweet and tangy. It's not just the fruit that has captured my palate (and my heart), but the endless combinations. Cherry pie? Nope, cherry pistachio ice cream. Watermelon in a fruit salad? How about watermelon in a dinner salad, with feta and mint. And peach cobbler? Wait a sec, let's take those peaches, slice 'em up, and layer them on an oily, spongy bread with mozzarella, basil, honey, and a pinch of sea salt. Are you still with me? 

These leaf shaped fougasse, from Baking With Julia by Dorie Greenspan, are a dream. The focaccia dough - an airy, oily, soft species - is quick to prepare and requires almost no hands on time. The flavors congeal in the fridge while you carry on, doing whatever it is you had planned for the day. After 24 hours, the dough is easily shaped into a beautiful leaf. It's fun, hands on, and not too complex.

The recipe calls for a mixture of herbs to top the focaccia bread, pre-baking. As I roamed the kitchen, looking for any herbs I could get my hands on, my eyes stalled at the big pot of basil wildly growing on the windowsill. There was no looking back after that. I threw a few handfuls of chopped basil into the dough before the rise, and then topped one fougasse with salt, rosemary, and oil, and the other, with peaches, fresh mozzarella, honey, basil, and salt. The fruit and cheese combination was phenomenal. Sweet summer peaches, fresh basil, and crispy baked cheese. Yum!

You can find the recipe on page 146, although there are many variations posted online, Of course, feel free to use your own favorite focaccia dough as the base. 


  1. Your peach version sounds fabulous! This I could devour. The peaches have been sublime lately. Love summer.

  2. nice leaves! I love the way the peach one looks-- yum